Handling of coils

  • VALTORTA srl has studied and designed a special clamp to lift and rotate the coils.

    This equipment, simple and innovative, has been designed to be connected to an overhead travelling crane, to a mobile crane and to the cranes working in the ports. Operating by this equipment, it’s very easy to handle the coils and the rotating movement is constantly controlled by an electronic card that ensure the maximum safety in any moment and in any working condition.
    The rotation of the coil is possible whether starting from the horizontal axis or vertical.
    A complete working cycle is normally carried out quickly. Just few minutes are necessary to handle the coil: the long waits of trucks and ships are reduced and a consequent time and money saving is performed.

Tanks its reduced dimensions, the VALTORTA clamp is able to optimise the working area even if the height of the factory is not much, and the deposit and the storage of the coils are made as well as one can.
Just one operator is able to operate by this equipment. Normally he operates from the cabin of the crane, but it’s possible to operate by a control pendant too. In any case, no other operator is required, so that an important manpower saving is performed.

  • Finally, the clamp is maintenance free and therefore lubrication, mechanical adjustments and setting-up are not normally required. This is achieved thanks to a careful selection of the materials and special surface treatments.
    This special equipment has been studied and designed in according with the most important European Directives and it has been tested for a long time in our factory by our specialists to achieve the best performances and a perfect and safe functioning in any different working conditions.