The overhead travelling crane is able to operate in the working area to optimise the space where it’s running, better than any different lifting machine.

By an overhead travelling crane it’s possible to handle the materials also between the adjacent working areas.
If your next overhead travelling crane is a VALTORTA, You won’t get only a crane, but much more: the experience of Who has dedicated his life to the crane world.
VALTORTA is the warranty of its products. The VALTORTA cranes will be always working, and just a small engagement of maintenance is enough to operate without problems for more time.
In our catalog of single-girder overhead cranes, it’s possible to find a lot of different machines with load capacity from 500 Kg to 10.000 Kg, and with span up to 25 m.
The other main features of our standard single-girder overhead travelling cranes are the followings:

  • Hoist speed: from 0,5 (m/min) up to 24 (m/min)
  • Long travel speed: from 10 (m/min) up to 40 (m/min)
  • Cross travel speed: from 15 (m/min) up to 25 (m/min)

Our standard procedure of painting includes the sandblasting cycle before apply the wash primer, and for the finishing coat the enamel paint is normally employed.
As usual, all the structures are painted before the delivery, and the mechanical parts are protected with a special spry film.
Our single-girder cranes are designed to be controlled by the floor by push botton or radio remote control.