When and why choose a overhead travelling crane?

La gru a ponte è la forza che tante braccia, anche tutte insieme, non possono ottenere.
If the best solution to optimise the working area is required.
If each point inside the working area must be reached. If the accuracy, the speed and the safety must be more than operating by a man.
If the necessity to handle the products between the adjacent working areas is required.
A lot of people, all together, are not able to operate as just one overhead travelling crane.

The production of single/double-girder overhead cranes, provides different machines with load capacity from 500 Kg to 50.000 Kg, and with span up to 25 m.
The other main features of our standard double-girder overhead travelling cranes are the followings:

  • Hoist speed: from 0,5 (m/min) up to 24 (m/min)
  • Long travel speed: from 10 (m/min) up to 40 (m/min)
  • Cross travel speed: from 15 (m/min) up to 25 (m/min)

All our double-girder overhead cranes can be equipped by hoist or winch.
Our standard procedure of painting includes the sandblasting cycle before apply the wash primer, and for the finishing coat the enamel paint is normally employed. As usual, all the structures are painted before the delivery, and the mechanical parts are protected with a special spry film.


VALTORTA srl can offer and produce a complete range of rope crabs, which goes from 5t of load capacity, up to 50t and more. All components are made by VALTORTA srl in its factory, including the reducer gears, the wheels, the rope hoist drums and all pieces are checked with care before the final assembling.